International Social Service-USA mobilizes a domestic and international network of legal and social work professionals to efficiently connect vulnerable children, adults and families who are separated by international borders to the services and support they need.

In the spirit of international cooperation, we:

  • Assist those who, as a result of voluntary or forced migration, or other social problems of an international character, have to overcome personal or family difficulties.
  • Study the conditions and consequences of migration and make recommendations.
  • Help prevent social problems linked to migration or intercountry mobility.
  • Inform professionals and the public of the needs of migrant individuals and families.
  • Develop and maintain an international network of bodies to meet the needs of individuals and families who require the services of International Social Service.

For a more in depth look at International Social Service's work, listen to an interview with our Executive Director, Julie Rosicky, on Baltimore Internet Radio, recorded on December 18, 2014. 

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