June 27, 2017

2016 Global Publication

Baltimore, MD, (June 27, 2017)International Social Service-General Secretariat (ISS-GS) released its 2016 Annual Report, summarizing global projects and cross-border social casework.

More than 75,000 families received psychosocial and socio-legal support throughout the International Social Service global network in 2016. For 93 years, the International Social Service network has concentrated on protecting children and families separated by borders because of voluntary or forced migration. The global network provides psychosocial and legal support services in cases involving child protection, child abduction, family tracing, reunification, custody and access, adult protection, unaccompanied minors, surrogacy and donor conceived people, and pre and post adoption support, among other topics.

One of the featured projects in this report is the collaborative training workshop produced by International Social Service-USA and ISS-GS to support family strengthening strategies for children with disabilities and their families in Mexico. The project, which ISS-GS had already implemented in Vietnam, Burkina Faso, and Mexico, prevented family separation and promoted family reintegration by providing targeted training to child welfare workers and families. Elaine Weisman, Program Manager at International Social Service-USA, supported the launch of the six-day training that enabled participants to work in groups and develop plans to implement family-centered, community-based programs for families with children with disabilities. 

Access the full global report to read case studies from children and to see outcomes from various global projects that have reunified vulnerable people and offered sustainable solutions for children, families, and communities in 110 countries around the world.

International Social Service-USA is the U.S. member of a global child protection and social service network. International Social Service connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by international borders, to the services and support they need.

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