July 9, 2014

7 Stories about helping transnational families

Did you know that ... "about 1 billion persons, or ONE IN SEVEN, currently live outside their country or region of origin?" (source: UN)

In honor of World Population Day on July 7th, we will be sharing this month on our Facebook page 7 stories of how cross border movement has affected the people and families we serve every day.

Here's one story...

A transnational couple divorces and agree that mother will have primary custody of their 6 year son and remain in Chicago. The child will spend summers and the winter holiday with the dad, who has returned to his native country of Ireland. After the latest scheduled visit to Ireland, the father refuses to return the child to the mother. The mother tries repeatedly to contact the father but the phone was turned off and he was not responding to emails. The mother is concerned and contacts the U.S. Department of State (DOS) and learns that she can file a Hague Parental Abduction petition. While working with DOS on the petition and the legal process, she also wants to be sure that her son is safe and requests a child welfare check from ISS-USA. ISS-USA works with our partner in Ireland to check on the child and learn that he is doing well with the father. The mother’s anxiety is decreased once she knows her son is ok. While ISS-USA is no longer involved, the mother continues to work through the legal, Hague process with DOS.

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