December 6, 2016

Addressing the Root Causes of Migration

Baltimore, MD, (December 6, 2016) – International Social Service, USA has published an article titled “Addressing the Root Causes of Migration by Building and Coordinating Social Services for Children and Families Across Borders in the Northern Triangle and Beyond.”

Appearing in Volume 25 of Child Welfare League of America’s (CWLA) The Children’s Voice, this article explores the importance of child protection systems and the root causes of child migration in the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, where there is a distinct need to build capacity in social welfare and child protection infrastructures.

Julie Rosicky, Executive Director, and Elaine Weisman, Program Manager, explain how investing in social service systems to increase child protection in the Northern Triangle region is a missing and critical piece in order to create stable family systems.

To help build a robust and responsive child-centered protection system to serve children who are at risk of migrating, International Social Service led a regional training in Guatemala and has been working to strengthen partnerships in the Northern Triangle to support the development of a regional network of coordinated service providers. These partnerships will enhance each country’s ability to provide coordinated services for children on the move.

To learn what International Social Service, USA is doing to support and strengthen child protection systems, read the full article here: Addressing the Root Causes of Migration.

The Children’s Voice is CWLA’s seasonal magazine covering national, state, and local news that affect children, youth, and families. CWLA leads and engages its network of public and private agencies and partners to advance policies, best practices and collaborative strategies that result in better outcomes for children, youth and families that are vulnerable.

International Social Service, USA Branch is the U.S. member of a global child protection and social service network. International Social Service connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by international borders, to the services and support they need.

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