July 15, 2014

Early Bird Registration Extended

We are extending the deadline to receive Early Bird registration rates for our 5th Annual Conference! You now have until July 31 to take advantage of this discount.

Our fifth annual conference will be on October 2nd, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.
 Cooperation, Communication and Compassion: Developing Child-Centered Practice in Law, Social Work and Policy for Cross-Border Families
Conference Focus: Everyday we work with agencies, families and courts to find solutions in the best interest of a child in need of care and protection. We provide Technical Leadership on a wide range of complex child protection and welfare issues to support permanency planning for every child who has a family connection across an international border. Our annual conferences have been instrumental in providing a forum for all stakeholders in these cases to discuss best practices, explore barriers to best practices and develop key networks to continue to improve the legal, social work and judicial understanding of cross-border child welfare and protection.
This year our agenda focuses on many of the most pressing issues in cross-border child welfare and protection and will include representatives of many public and private organizations and agencies responsible for children with cross-border family connections.

 Register now to get the lowest rate for this important conference. Earlybird registration has been extended through July 31st, 2014.

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