March 11, 2013

Ensuring Due Diligence for Children in New Jersey

Ensuring Due Diligence for Children in New Jersey
250 Judges, Court Staff, Attorneys and Others signed up for ISS-USA Training in New Jersey

A little known fact: 1 of 3 children in New Jersey has family outside the U.S. The challenge is few know how to address the issue of the cross border placement of children with their families, and the resources available to help.

ISS-USA’s Dr. Felicity Northcott and Wendy Jeffries will be offering a training entitled, “Ensuring Due Diligence for Children in New Jersey’s DCP&P: Legal Requirements and Best Practices in Cross-Border Child Welfare” to CIC judges, juvenile judges court staff, Deputy Attorneys General, Law Guardians, attorneys representing parents, Legal Services of NJ, Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) staff, Division of Children’s System of Care, Child Placement Review Volunteers, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Juvenile Justice Commission staff, Surrogates, and other child welfare stakeholders.

The training will be offered March 19th-20th and May 22-23 in Patterson, Trenton, Newark and Camden New Jersey. The training is sponsored by NEW JERSEY JUDICIARY CHILDREN IN COURT IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE, HON. SALLYANNE FLORIA, COMMITTEE CHAIR.

ISS-USA Training will be provided for judicial and legal professionals involved in permanency planning and determinations. The training will include:

  • Understanding Domestic & international child welfare and protection laws that have an impact on family court proceedings
  • What resources are available to your court for searching for, and evaluating, family outside of the United States for possible permanent or temporary placement of a child in the care of DCP&P
  • How to Include family from outside the United States in permanency planning and decision making
  • How to work with international legal and social service partners in the best interest of children
  • How to help DCP&P case workers and staff know about and utilize the DCP&P’s International Liaison

For more information about this training please contact Wendy Jeffries,

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