July 6, 2017

International Social Service Joins Global Partnership

Baltimore, MD, (July 6, 2017) – International Social Service-USA is pleased to become a member of the Global Partnership to End Violence against Children.

As part of Agenda 2030, the world’s governments have set ambitious targets to end violence by 2030, in order to deliver the vision of a world where all children grow up free from violence and exploitation. The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children will support the efforts of those seeking to prevent violence, protect childhood, and help make societies safe for children.

End Violence is bringing together stakeholders from across the world to end all forms of violence against children, turning the belief that no violence against children is justifiable and all violence is preventable into a compelling agenda for action.

International Social Service looks forward to working together towards a world in which every child grows up free from violence.

International Social Service, USA Branch is the U.S. member of a global child protection and social service network. International Social Service connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by international borders, to the services and support they need.

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