September 28, 2017

International Social Service Suspends Cases In Disaster Areas

Photo credit: NBC News


Due to the recent natural disasters in Mexico and the Caribbean, there will be significant delays in our services in the countries noted below. Our partners located in these countries are dealing with the aftermath of the disasters and have limited access to e-mail and transportation. Puerto Rico, specifically, may not be open for referrals for many months.

We will update this newsfeed with new capabilities as conditions change and improve in the regions. At this time, the safety and security of our partners and clients is paramount. We must continue to do our due diligence to ensure the safety and security of children and families, especially in this time of catastrophic loss and anxiety.

The following list indicates countries and territories in which referrals are temporarily suspended and current cases may be delayed. We thank you for your understanding:

Puerto Rico


Dutch St. Maarten


U.S. Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands


If you are searching for a family member or loved one in a disaster-affected region, please visit the Restoring Family Links page created by our partner, The Red Cross.  

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