July 17, 2017

International Social Service-USA Partners with Red Cross

Baltimore, MD, (July 17, 2017) -International Social Service- USA Branch, Inc. will partner with the Red Cross to connect more children and families across borders. 

On July 26th, Felcity Sackville Northcott, Ph.D., Director of External Partnerships & International Services and Elaine Weisman, LGSW, MPH - Program Manager will kick off a joint project by training Red Cross Chapter representatives, nationally, on how and when to refer search cases to ISS. "Our hope is to pick up where the Red Cross leaves off when searching for relatives; and to refer cases where the Red Cross can be more helpful. Together we aim to connect more families who are separated across borders for reasons including: conflict/war, natural disaster, migration, adoption, family conflict and child abduction," states International Social Service-USA Executive Director, Julie Rosicky. 

Both the Red Cross and International Social Service work with partners in their international networks in countries around the world. We hope to ensure that more people are able to connect with their families, let them know that they are safe, or in need of assistance, and to gain access and connect to needed services and information.

For more information, please find here.

International Social Service, USA Branch is the U.S. member of a global child protection and social service network. International Social Service connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by international borders, to the services and support they need.

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