May 20, 2016

ISS Publishes "Responding to Illegal Adoptions: A Professional Handbook"

Baltimore, MD, (May 20, 2016) - Worldwide, more than half a million children have been adopted abroad and have now reached adulthood. Today, many of them are searching for their origins, history, biological parents or extended family. At times, these searches can lead to findings of illegal practices.

International Social Service General Secretariat (ISS-GS), along with a group of experts, published “Responding to illegal adoptions: A professional handbook”. This resource consists of four main chapters which focus on aspects of illegal adoption from different standpoints: legal, psychosocial, social and political. Personal testimonies are woven into the chapters, highlighting the harsh reality, challenges, and achievements of those affected. This handbook also provides ways for those affected to deal with reactions such as anger, grief, regret, disappointment and disillusionment when facing an illegal adoption.

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