April 15, 2016

ISS-USA Comments on Child Protection Case in Norway

Baltimore, MD, (April 15, 2016) - Norwegian officials are involved in an international controversy by taking custody of the children of an evangelical Christian family, whose defenders say they are being targeted for their religion. Norway's child protection system, the Barnevernet, has received numerous complaints for wrongly seizing children and discriminating against foreigners. 

Julie Rosicky, Executive Director of ISS-USA, was interviewed by VICE News for this story. View the full article, Norway Is Taking Children From Their Parents and Sparking an Outcry, here.  ISS-USA encourages and advocates, both inside and outside of Norway, to continue to demand comprehensive facts, in this case and in similar cases, to ensure that those charged with making decisions about where children should live do their utmost to prevent separation in the first instance. Furthermore, if separation is absolutely necessary, ISS encourages timely reunification with family and kin whenever it is safe and in that child’s best interest.

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