June 10, 2014

ISS-USA Elects Mary Mentaberry to Chair Its Board

Baltimore, MD, June 9, 2014 – The Board of Directors of International Social Service-United States of America Branch, Inc., (ISS-USA) has elected Mary Mentaberry to serve a two-year term as the organization’s chair.

Mentaberry follows the tenure of outgoing Chair Robert G. Miles, who remains on the ISS-USA board, and who was recently elected as the Chair of the Governing Board of International Social Service (ISS) at that body’s International Council meeting in Cascais, Portugal in May. “I am honored to be elected to serve as chair during our organization’s 90th Anniversary year, as ISS-USA embarks on the most ambitious and challenging course in its history,” Mentaberry said following her election at the board’s annual meeting. “In truth, I am continuing the work Bob Miles started in directing the energy, talent and enthusiasm of our board members and staff to reach ever higher goals of support for our vital mission of providing services to vulnerable children and families who find themselves separated by international borders.”
Also elected with Mentaberry to serve on the Board’s Executive Committee are Vice President Trooper Sanders, Treasurer Bill Evans and Secretary James Paul. Each will serve a one-year term.

Mentaberry joined the ISS-USA board of directors in June of 2012, and for the past year has served as the board’s Vice President. She currently serves as a development and communications consultant, working in organizational leadership; resource development and stewardship; systems change; collaboration; juvenile and family court systems; and judicial leadership and is a sales associate with Dickson Realty in Reno Nevada. Prior to that, Mentaberry was the executive director of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, an organization she worked for in various capacities for almost 40 years. She lives with her husband in Reno, Nevada.
“I can think of no one more capable of guiding ISS-USA during our next years of great change than Mary,” Miles said. “Her exceptional organizational ability, drive, charm and passion will lead us into greater growth and success during our 90th year of service to families around the globe.”
At the ISS International Council Meeting in May 2012, in Banff, Canada, ISS-USA took the lead in proposing a series of resolutions to conduct a network wide, global, strategic plan for the international organization. At the most recent meeting in Cascais, the strategic planning team, including Miles and ISS-USA Executive Director Julie Rosicky, outlined the major accomplishments in developing and implementing the plan. All attendees of the meeting celebrated the success of the planning by signing a commitment to participate and follow through on the resolutions.
Rosicky, who completed her most recent two-year term as the Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), presented a summary of the PAC’s significant work over the last two years, including shaping of the strategic plan. As she has served for the term limit, her colleague Fionn Skiotis, Executive Director of ISS Australia, replaces her as chair.

The ISS Network, which was established in 1924 and is present in 120 countries, has helped an estimated 6 million families who have been separated across international borders as a result of trafficking, abduction, migration, divorce, conflict and asylum. The new strategy outlines plans to:

  • Increase the reach of the network in Sub-Saharan Africa and in Latin America.
  • Build the capacity of existing members to respond to modern cross border child protection issues such as donor conceived children, human trafficking; unaccompanied child migration.
  • Ensure that as more children and families cross international borders that ISS is always there to protect and support them when child protection concerns arise and government services cannot meet the need.


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