January 4, 2016

ISS-USA Moves Offices

ISS-USA Moves into 22 Light Street
Baltimore, MD, (January 4, 2015) – International Social Service, USA Branch, Inc. (ISS-USA) is pleased to announce it has moved its office to 22 Light Street, in Baltimore’s central downtown business district. 
ISS-USA’s new office will occupy half of the building’s second floor. Built in 1910, the building was originally a key location for many shipping companies’ record keeping operations.
“While change is hard for some, I am really excited to start 2016 in a new space. In addition to moving into a new space, we have also recently moved all of our current technologies into the cloud. While there is much to adapt to, being outside of our usual comfort zone will be an advantage as we embark on a new strategic plan this year together with the Board of Directors. Sometimes a change of scenery is a critical ingredient to innovation and vision,” reports Julie Rosicky, Executive Director of ISS-USA.
Constructed with open floor plans, the new office is designed to facilitate increased collaboration and enhanced interaction among colleagues. ISS-USA is also upgrading its technology systems to more effectively and efficiently communicate with clients, partners, and colleagues both nationwide and internationally. 
The move took place on December 29, 2015. Today marked the first day that ISS-USA's staff worked in their new space.
The new address is:
22 Light Street
Suite 200
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Light Street: Then & Now
                                                                1906                                                       2016
ISS-USA is the U.S. member of a global child protection and social service network. ISS-USA connects vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by international borders, to the services and support they need.



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