June 17, 2013

Japanese Media Takes Interest

Japanese Media takes interest in Japanese-American Adoption Story ISS-USA's 2007 Annual Report, (p 8-9) featured the story of Wendy Gow's emotional adoption reunification with her family members in Japan.


In the past several years, and today, several media outlets in Japan have become interested in Wendy's story. We hope that by sharing her story in Japan, Japan's leaders will become invested and committed to ensuring the safety of ALL children who are adopted within and between Japan and other countries by initiating the ratification of the Hague 1993 Adoption Convention.

Wendy's story was featured in a Japanese Magazine, "Bungei Shunju" 2010 May Issue, by Kei Yonahara.

The title of the article translated by Makiko Humphreys,

"Fruits of Postwar Japan. Misfortunes of "International Adoption: What is Life of Japanese Children Raised in White Families Like?"

Currently Wendy is being interviewed by Japanese film crews in her home town of Chapel Hill, NC.

A local newspaper from her hometown shares this recent story.


Approximately 90 countried have signed on and implemented the Hague Adoption Convention.

The U.S. began implementation in 2008. For more information about the Hague Adoption Convention see the U.S. Department of State's Website.

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