July 25, 2014

Speakers announced for international adoption panel of ISS-USA conference

We are excited to share the experts who will be speaking about international adoption at our conference on October, 2nd, 2014.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Long-Term Outcomes for Children Adopted Internationally
Despite the decreasing number of children adopted internationally into or out of the United States, there exists a sizeable population of children quickly reaching the age of majority who have many questions about their family and country of origin. There is also a population of children who may encounter legal or social issues as a result of disrupted adoptions. The questions to be addressed by this panel include: What are the long-term implications of international adoption for children who move across borders to join a family? What measures should be taken to improve the capacity of children to reconnect with family in their country of origin before, during and after the adoption (if an adoption indeed takes place)? What measures can be taken to improve the outcomes for children who do find family through intercountry adoption?


  • Duni Zenaye, Founder, EthioStork, LLC
  • Elizabeth Larsen, Author, Adoptive Mother
  • Bill Blacquiere, President, Bethany Christian Services
  • Ann Estin (Moderator), The University of Iowa, College of Law


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