Our system is simple. ISS-USA manages cases that are referred from American child welfare agencies, courts or individuals that need a service in a foreign country AND cases referred by our network partners overseas that need a service in the U.S.

Working with us is easy. Once a case is referred to us and we determine that we have 1) a working partner in the country where services are needed and, 2) there is sufficient information to open it we assign it to an case manager. She will contact you and let you know she has the case and what the next steps will be. She will be in touch at least once a month, and any time there is activity on the case. You can contact her at any time if there are updates or concerns about the case. Go to tips on “Managing a Case with ISS-USA.”

Each of our network partners who provide services for us overseas use only qualified social workers or other professionals as needed. These individuals and agencies have been vetted by the General Secretariat of the International Social Service for competency, capability and capacity.

Once the service is completed the case manager will provide you with all written reports or documents you have requested and place the case in “Pending Status.” We will keep in touch with you on a quarterly basis for one year after we have completed the service to track the final outcome of the case for each child involved.

To refer a case click here.

Please note: We will not accept a referral for service from a country where a network member is active. Likewise, no member country will accept a referral from a U.S. agency or individual for service in their country.

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