Every year we get hundreds of requests for assistance by individuals, local, state and federal agencies, courts, legal professionals and child advocates about complex cases involving families separated across an international border, or children and vulnerable adults in need of protection. Many of these cases involve kids in the care of a domestic or overseas child welfare system, who need help in making family connections in order to move towards a permanent placement. We provide answers and solutions to all these questions based on our content expertise and 90 years of evidence based service provision.

If you have a question about any of the following please submit an inquiry to us by e mail at question@iss-usa.org. If the topic on which you need assistance is not listed please contact us and if we can’t answer it we will refer you to the appropriate agency or entity to answer your question.

• International adoption
• International parental abduction
• Cross-border visitation
• Cross-border kinship placement
• Immigration enforcement on parents
• Unaccompanied minors
• International treaties that have an impact on child welfare
• Domestic laws guiding inter-jurisdictional child welfare
• International family finding and engagement
• International case management for permanency planning
• Domestic and international resources for permanency planning
• Best practice in family finding, notification of children in care and family engagement
• Utilizing technology to include family outside the U.S. in key legal proceedings and family team meetings/family engagement activities
• Disrupted international adoptions
• The roles and responsibilities of social workers in cases involving a cross-border issue

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