Our services reach a wide range of children and adults. Our goal is to be responsive to any individual, family or agency that needs our assistance in working across international borders to protect children and reunite families.

Our children’s services help children who are:

• American children who have family members who are active military stationed overseas
• American children whose grandparents have retired overseas
• American children who have extended family or a non-custodial parent working/living overseas
• American children who have immigrant parents and/or extended families overseas
• Immigrant children who have extended family or a non-custodial parent overseas
• Unaccompanied children from foreign countries who have parents and/or extended family overseas
• Children who have been abducted by a parent to a foreign country, or who have been abducted to the United States

Our adult services help adults who are:

• Adoptees looking for their biological family
• Biological parents searching for a child that was adopted
• Siblings of an adopted person looking for the adoptee
• Adoptees looking for adoption records
• Vulnerable adults who may be in need of care and protection