ISS-USA is seeking Independent Social Work Contractors!

ISS-USA is accepting resumes for social work professionals throughout the U.S. but are ACTIVELY seeking social workers in these states:

  • Virginia
  • Nebraska 
  • Illinois (Chicago Area)
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon 

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Getting Started with ISS-USA:


ISS-USA is seeking Independent Social Work Contractors to perform assessment services with families of children in foster care.
All work will be carried out in jurisdictions where the contractor is legally able to practice, within the United States.
The Independent Social Work Contractor will act as a liaison between ISS-USA and prospective kinship families. The worker will receive education and service-specific guidance from ISS-USA.


Independent Social Work Contractors should:

– Be appropriately licensed and in good standing in the state they are practicing. MSW preferred; Clinical license NOT required.
– Have experience with at least 2 of the following:

1) Conducting home studies

2) Working with children and families

3) Working with international populations

4) Connecting families to local services in the community

5) Working in the field of child welfare, adoption, or foster care

Full Job Description HERE


Independent Social Work Contractors are asked to complete home studies, post placement reports and other assessments on a referral basis.  They will:

• Receive occasional referrals for social work assessments in the state they are credentialed to practice
• Maintain regular communication with ISS-USA case manager about case needs
• Complete and submit written assessments
• Maintain state license and independent insurance

How to Apply

Please send a resume to [email protected]. Someone from the Intercountry Team will get back to you within 5-7 business days.
If you have questions about the positions please send an inquiry to [email protected]


Independent Social Work Contractors will:
– Receive initial orientation and training related to ISS-USA’s work
– Have access to previous trainings and invitations to ongoing training opportunities
– Gain experience working on child welfare cases with an international or cross-border component
– Be connected to a network of social work professionals around the U.S.
– Have flexibility to accept and schedule case work around other work obligations

Check out this video of Paty, an independent social work contractor from Florida and Melissa, an ISS-USA intercountry case manager from South Dakota discussing cross border case management at ISS-USA!