Independent Social Work Contractors in the USA

Position Objectives:

ISS-USA is seeking social workers who are globally minded to complete a variety of assessment services within the U.S.

The Independent Social Work Contractor will perform requested services such as home studies and post placement reporting (definitions below) to evaluate families who are seeking to serve as a resource or placement option for a relative child. The worker will use his/her knowledge of child welfare, family systems, and community resources in a culturally responsive manner to assess families for suitability as a placement option for a relative child and living outside the United States, or in some cases another state. The worker will follow the policies and guidelines of ISS-USA and his/her local jurisdiction for kinship and guardianship placements. The Independent Social Work Contractor will act as a liaison between ISS-USA and prospective kinship families, providing regular communication to ISS-USA throughout assessment period. The worker will receive education and service-specific guidance from ISS-USA.


ISS-USA seeks licensed social workers in each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico to work on a contractual, fee-for-service basis, providing home studies and other services as described for international kinship placements that fall outside of the Hague Adoption Convention. BSW or MSW degree from an accredited institution is required in addition to private liability insurance.

  • Social work contractors must be appropriately licensed and in good standing in the state you are practicing
  • Familiarity with best practices in social work; understanding of child welfare systems preferred
  • Have 2 years’ experience with at least 2 of the following: 1) Conducting home studies, 2) working with international populations, 3) Clinical work with children and families,  4) Connecting families to local services in your community, 5) Work in the field of child welfare, adoption, or foster care
  • Access to stable internet and computer
  • Independently insured
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to take and submit photos of the home
  • Reliable transportation method to and from client homes
  • Ability to speak a language other than English is strongly preferred, but not required


  • Receive and follow up on referrals for home studies and other services on prospective kinship families within ISS timeframes
  • Evaluate prospective families and placements according to ISS guidelines and local requirements
  • Complete and submit written assessments within ISS timeframes
  • Collect necessary documentation for the home study and provide copies to ISS
  • Maintain state license and independent insurance

Definitions of Services that Independent Contracts will Provide:

  • Home study-for kinship placement or visits: Home study being completed to determine if a parent or relative would be interested, able and appropriate to care for the child
  • Child Welfare Check: A check on a child when there is no immediate allegation, or suspicion, of abuse or neglect or concern about the child’s well-being
  • Post Placement follow up: Routine check on a child who was placed by means of kinship or guardianship placement through ISS or a public child welfare agency

Additional services that may be requested:

  • Supporting the potential caregiver obtain Criminal Background Check or Child Abuse Registry check
  • Researching community agencies and resources that the family may be eligible for and which could be of benefit to the family,
  • Following up with the family to offer them community supports
  • Answering follow-up questions asked by the ISS case manager or representatives from the country for which the home study is being presented. This may involve contacting the family again
  • Conducting a second home visit, or post placement visit and report, as requested by ISS staff

To apply please submit:

  • Resume
  • Proof of independent insurance

ISS-USA may ask you to also provide:

  • Writing Sample, preferably a redacted home study, in each language you speak
  • 2 References
  • Proof from your state licensing board that you are in good standing
  • Child Abuse Registry Clearance for your state