The U.S. Repatriation Program was established in 1935 under Section 1113 of the Social Security Act to provide temporary assistance to private U.S. citizens and their dependents identified by the Department of State (DOS) as having returned from a foreign country to the United States because of destitution, illness, war, threat of war, or a similar crisis, and are without available resources.



Table of Contents:

  1. ISS-USA Repatriation Staff Contact List
  2. Repatriation Welcome Package 2020
  3. Privacy Act Repayment Agreement Form (Form RR-05)
  4. Refusal of Temporary Assistance Form (Form RR-06)
  5. Reimbursement Procedure:
  1. Link to the OHSEPR Repatriation Program
  1. Repatriate’s Rights & Obligations
  2. Loan Waiver and Deferral Request Form (Form RR-03)
  3. Repatriation Training Materials: