Equity Statement

ISS-USA is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice (DEIBJ). We respect and value the different experiences of systematically excluded peoples and acknowledge their many contributions to our field. We aim to promote and center the voices and perspectives of historically underrepresented groups, both internally and externally, in our efforts to challenge structural oppression.

ISS-USA strives to ensure that all involved with ISS-USA represent the diversity of the people we serve, and that all are treated with dignity, kindness and compassion. We will continue to foster an inclusive environment where accountability around DEIBJ can thrive. We will work to create equitable access to opportunities and resources for internal and external stakeholders involved in the work of ISS-USA.

Why now?

ISS-USA has always been a socially conscious organization that acknowledges the complexity of human relationships, and the importance of dignity and worth of each person. Because of recent and increased collective consciousness raised about the continued impact of racial and structural oppression, we, at ISS-USA, have reflected on how we can be more intentional, transparent and data driven to identify inequitable gaps between how we behave and what we



We envision a world in which all children, adults and families separated by borders are connected so they may live safe, self-sufficient and meaningful lives.



ISS-USA mobilizes a domestic and international network of social work, legal, and other professionals to connect children, adults and families separated by borders with the services and support they need.


ISS Values