Ukraine Crisis Calls for a Network of Support

For 98 years, International Social Service (ISS) has worked shoulder to shoulder as a global network in 130 countries to protect children, adults and families separated by borders. Throughout our history, we have been called upon to provide services in world wars, conflicts and humanitarian disasters, and we have done so with objectivity, neutrality, and with the primary goal of acting in the best interest of children.  As the armed conflict unfolds in Ukraine, the ISS network is prepared to advocate for children and families, provide services where needed as families cross borders, and ensure that both in the short and long term, children remain or are reunited with families,  they are protected, and there are durable solutions for children to reach their full potential. 

All children have the right to life and survival – we must protect them.

What You Need to Know:

Latest Information About Child Protection:

KEY CONSIDERATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Responding to Children’s Care in the context of the Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis Factsheet:



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What You Can Do:

The International Social Service’s global network works for the protection of children and families affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine. Your donation goes directly to the ISS Network to help our partners working with separated Ukrainian families. Please specify donations as Support for Ukraine.

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National Authorities’ Contacts for People Fleeing Ukraine

If you are a Ukrainian citizen, or a resident in Ukraine, coming to the European Union click here to find key information about which authorities to contact for temporary protection and applying for international protection.


Information Concerning Unaccompanied Children from Ukraine:


Questions? Please contact Julie Rosicky, CEO of International Social Service-USA at [email protected].