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Equity In Permanency: Global Paper

Equity in Permanency: Assessing International Placement with Kin

International Social Service-USA – April 2022


ISS-USA is dedicated to providing equity in permanency. We strive to:

  1. Elevate international family finding and engagement as an equity issue

  2. Engage with national platforms

  3. Evaluate current practices to make improvements to cross-border placement

Cultural Identity Preservation Resources



Equity in Permanency: Global Paper

Equity in permanency refers to principles of child protection practice that prioritize the exploration of family placements, without discrimination of...

Heritage in Community

While I was working with the International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA) this summer, I conducted some internal research on search...

Preserving Connections: Rethinking the approach to cultural identity

Three questions we MUST ASK, in order to change the way we help children stay connected with their cultural identity...

Keeping Culture Alive

Preserving cultural identity across borders can be difficult. Jim and Monica Frye experienced this struggle first hand as they expanded...

The Key to the Future of Cultural Identity is Hidden in our Past

The Social Welfare History Archives at the University of Minnesota Libraries (SWHA) documents the complex history and legacy of child...

Joshua’s Story – International Kinship Care

Ten years ago, baby Joshua was in a precarious situation. Removed from his mother’s care and with no other family...