An Interview With International Social Service Contractor Laura Rinck, LCSW

In honor of Social Work Month 2018, International Social Service, USA is celebrating our social workers and social work contractors! We recently interviewed Ms. Laura Rinck, LMSW [pictured left] about her experience as a social work contractor in our global network. Laura is an Education Advocacy Social Worker for Legal Services of New York City as well as a private therapist for Silver Lake Psychotherapy.

1. What do you love about being a licensed social worker?
“The best part of my work is the opportunity to hear someone’s story and join with them in their journey. There’s a quote I love: ‘be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is facing their own battle.’ I think that’s the unspoken dialogue in social work.”

2. What are the greatest challenges you currently face as a licensed social worker?
“This is a time of transition. That means we are seeing some painful and challenging barriers that we believed were unthinkable in 2018. That’s sad to me. But that also means individuals are galvanized and neutrality is not an option. We’re seeing more people than ever finding a voice in social justice, which is exciting.”

3. What do you love about working with International Social Service, USA?
“ISS bridges a gap between countries and often continents and empowers a network that enables the most fair and just environment. Acting as a piece of this puzzle is an awesome experience.”