Restoring Hope in Humanity

Due to internal conflict in Thailand, Don was unexpectedly forced to repatriate to the United States in September as the cases for Covid-19 were increasing. While Don was able to return through an emergency loan from the State Department, he was financially unequipped to resettle on such short notice. He needed a bridge between his dwindling resources and his social security check that was scheduled to be paid to him in December. Don reached out to friends, churches, government representatives, and local organizations but continued to fall short of receiving help. The imminent reality of being homeless in the brutal Wyoming winter was rapidly approaching. The looming pandemic contributed to his sense of urgency and frustrations as he was unable to find assistance. ISS stepped in and provided the funds for Don to continue his hotel stay until he could sort out his affairs. The aid ISS provided gave Don the time to secure employment in his field which allowed him to permanently resettle in Alabama. ISS is currently assisting Don with obtaining a pair of necessary eyeglasses. Don is preparing to start his new job at the Alabama.

Safari Park. Overwhelmed with gratitude, “You saved the day, thank you”, Don reiterates.